5 Benefits of Meet & Greet Airport Car Parking

There are so many ways you can park your car at an airport, but one of the best options has to be a meet and greet service. Here’s why…

1. You Don’t Have to Park

Airports will be filled with so many cars and travellers, and the last thing you’ll want to do is spend too much time trying to find the right parking space. What’s great about the meet and greet service is that you simply drop your car off at the terminal, and a chauffeur will be responsible for finding a parking space on your behalf – so you can simply head to check in to start your holiday!

2. You Won’t Miss Your Flight

The last thing you will want to do is miss your flight because you struggle to find a secure place to park your car. As mentioned earlier, you will leave your car with an experienced driver, who can park your car in an instant – so you won’t have to run to the gate so you don’t miss your flight!

3. Luxurious Experience

Even if you’re not running late for your flight, wouldn’t it just be nice to take the phaff out of airport parking and have someone do all the hard work for you? You can bet your bikini it would! You could even team that up with a VIP pass to the airport lounge to really feel like an elite passenger. Go on, you deserve it!

4. Secure Parking

You can guarantee your chauffeur will know the airport like the back of his or her hand, so they’ll know how to find the best secure spots in the car park. When you leave your car with the driver, they’ll take it to a secure compound, so it’s safely waiting for your return after a fantastic holiday.

5. Your Car is Ready and Waiting for You

So you’ve got off the plane and you’ve forgotten where you parked your car. Happens to most travellers – it’s the curse of the holiday brain! Well, a meet and greet service means you won’t have to search the parking lot for your vehicle, as a chauffeur will have it ready and waiting for you once you leave the airport. So, all you have to do is hop in your car and head on home.

So, while a meet and greet service might be a little more expensive in comparison to secured off-airport and on-airport parking, it can make the travelling process both smooth and simple.

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