10 Items Every Traveller Must Take on Holiday

Travel Essentials

Amidst all the fun and excitement that comes with packing and getting ready for your upcoming trip, even the experienced traveller can forget a few essential items which every traveller simply must take on their holiday. It’s really the little things which make all the difference – those seemingly insignificant items which turn out to be not so insignificant when you find yourself without them.


At the peak of its powers, your smartphone can be anything and everything from your personal diary, GPS, internet access portal, camera, etc, so you definitely can’t forget it. You’re probably already inseparable from it in any case.

Notebook / Laptop

At some point your smartphone screen will start to get a little too small, so you’ll need to make use of your laptop or notebook to enjoy a better user experience. Whether you’re connected to the free Wi-Fi which is fast becoming the standard for all forms of accommodation or if you just want to sort and back-up your holiday pics, you best pack in your laptop to avoid frustration.

Dedicated Camera

You could have the best camera in your smartphone, but it won’t come close to what a dedicated camera has to offer, from the battery life to the fact that your smartphone will probably also have about a million other uses.

Power Bank

These little babies come in much handier than you may anticipate, whether you need to recharge on a long trip or if the power goes out wherever you may be headed, power banks literally save lives.

Universal Adapter

In addition to all your regular adapters and cords, you best pack in a universal adapter so that you can always connect and charge up wherever you find yourself, from the airport lounge to your place of lodging while on holiday.

Copies of Your Important Documents

What would happen if you lost your passport or your wallet was snatched with all your important stuff? Make copies of your important documents, including your passport and perhaps credit card details so that you can provide adequate proof when needed to organise replacements.

First Aid Kit

A trip to the pharmacy in a foreign country only makes for a fun adventure if you perhaps just have a little knick you need cleaned up and covered with a plaster. If you have a more serious medical condition to have to take care of however, it’s no fun at all, especially if you don’t speak the local language. So pack in a first aid kit which will come in handy should you require some medical attention, until you can get proper medical help if it’s a serious case.

Extra Luggage Space

You will always need extra space to pack in some souvenirs or other items you buy and collect while on holiday, so make sure not to fill up your luggage space completely when you depart.

Hand-Luggage Check-List

Yeah, that’s something which essentially does the job we’re trying to do here, but it is indeed essential to have a list drawn up, particularly one of the items which will go into your hand-luggage. You always forget something — trust us, and so make sure to have a check-list with which you physically tick off the items you will need while away.


Shopping for basic toiletries can also turn into a bit too much of an adventure if you’re in a foreign country where things are more expensive perhaps or you can’t quite get the toothpaste you grew up on or anything else which makes the process of taking care of your personal hygiene more convenient. So make sure to pack in all your essential toiletries. If you’re flying internationally, check the requirements and restrictions for packing your toiletries.