10 Ways to Pass the Time at the Airport

Airport waiting area

No matter how well you plan your travels, if you travel long enough at some point you’ll be subjected to airport delays or you’ll simply have to sit-out a layover you just can’t avoid. For all that airports have to offer, ultimately that feeling you get that there must be more to them comes to a bit of an anti-climax when you do indeed have more time between flights to explore a bit more of the airport.

Things can get rather boring very quickly at the airport, but what do you do when you’re right in the middle of that situation and you have some time to pass waiting for your connecting flight?

Charge up Your Electronics

If you’re a frequent traveller then you probably already have one, but otherwise you should definitely get a universal adapter so that you can easily charge up your electronics. Just scrutinise the seats in the waiting area and you’ll probably find some power sockets.

Airport WiFi

Use the Free Wi-Fi

Okay, your airport Wi-Fi experience will probably be a lot worse than what you might have imagined so be warned. Otherwise yeah, make use of the free Wi-Fi available — you’ll probably pass a lot of time just trying to figure out how to get it up and running on your device.

Snap Pictures

You probably already have enough selfies, but the pics you snap at the airport could turn out to be some good money-shots. Upload them to stock imagery platforms and you can make a handsome buck or two. The travel and tourism niche is very hot right now on stock imagery platforms.

Make New Friends

Strike up some conversation with other people waiting for their next flight. They’re probably just as bored as you are and the airport is the best place to save awkward silences that may develop because you can just go right back to your own seat if the conversation dries up. Otherwise there’s always something to talk about among travellers waiting for their connecting flights.

Mobile / Online Casino

If you’ve just been to or you’re a national of a country which doesn’t allow online gambling, waiting for your flight at the airport is the perfect time to get your online gambling fix.

Get Some Sleep

Throw a jacket over your head to “switch off the lights” and get some shut-eye, provided that your entire luggage is safe of course. Also, set an alarm perhaps so that you don’t miss your flight amidst your airport slumber.

Catch up on Some Admin

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we all have admin to catch up on, whether it’s checking emails, returning missed calls or simply organising your holiday/travel pics. Take this opportunity to catch up on some of your admin.

Consolidate Your Travel Plans

Airport limbo makes for the best setting in which to finalise your travel plans or make some tweaks where necessary. Check up on the taxi service you made plans with to pick you up when you land or just perhaps check out some stuff you might want to get up to when you reach your destination, eventually.

Grab a Bite to Eat

If you’re disgusted by airplane food and you’re feeling a little hungry, grab a bite to eat at the airport while you wait. Some of the restaurants at the airport are probably really expensive, but if you have the budget then why not?


The remaining pages to go on entire books have been scoffed up while travellers were waiting for their flights and besides, reading and travelling go together really well, don’t they?

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