5 Reasons to Book Airport Parking in Advance


Getting your airport parking sorted is definitely one scenario where booking in advance will help you a lot, so you should definitely not leave it to the last minute.

Avoid Last-Minute Rush Delays

Sure, you could very well always leave it to the last minute and sometimes you can get away with it, but if you happen to be travelling at a particularly busy time, trying to organise your airport parking at the last minute will have you in for some frustrating delays. You may even miss your flight because of the long queues for both arrivals and departures. Congestion seems to be part and parcel of all things to do with the airport and if you rather choose to book early, you’ll probably be ushered through less congested queues since you’ve already reserved your parking while everybody else still needs to get theirs allocated.

Get a Better Price

There’s something about the travel and tourism industry which just has them rewarding early birds. They’re perhaps trying to lessen the load they’d otherwise have to contend with as the last-minute rush approaches, but that can be worked to your benefit. Early bookers generally get much better prices, as a rule of thumb, so book your airport parking spot well in advance to get some of the best discounts available.

Get a Better Parking Spot

This applies mostly if the pricing is flexible according to when you book. If you book in advance and get to benefit from a discount as a result, all the better, but you can take it one step further and perhaps get allocated a premium parking spot. If you know your way around the airport parking lot then you can perhaps specifically request a good spot that’s just the right distance from the check-in counter and the terminal entrance, or even the exit if you’re already thinking about your return.

Better Planning for Your Overall Trip

If you’ve sorted minor details such as your airport car parking out well in advance, it just makes for a better way to plan your overall trip. Small details can turn into major irritations and frustrations, so if you’ve sorted your parking out early then this frees up more room for you to entertain those aspects of planning your trip which are much more enjoyable. It’s much more enjoyable planning your holiday activities than having to worry about your parking, isn’t it?

Reserve Your Parking Space

Look, there are some seriously busy days at the airport and unfortunately it appears as if the airlines and airport companies themselves have yet to figure out exactly how it all works. You can get an extremely busy public holiday on one occasion and a dead-quiet one on another occasion, for example, but on those occasions when it gets really busy, parking spaces can run out and you simply won’t find parking by showing up without having booked a spot in advance. Yes, you’ll probably still have options by way of off-site or nearby parking, but that’s a major inconvenience.