Airport Car Park Solutions

As a professional airport car park operative, enjoy that when managed, booked, and allocated correctly, airport car park can potentially add substantial extra revenue for an airport’s bottom line. From a simple cost of having a dedicated entrance for vehicles into an annual cost of utilising premium space for storing and servicing vehicles, parking is an essential revenue generator for the airport. This cost of utilising a premium car park space comes in two forms; one is on a daily basis, and the other is for an annual period. Both forms however are still quite expensive considering the benefits.

The first form of annual car park usage is based on the “open” status of the public transport stops at the airport. The majority of airports allow access to the public transport by simply blocking off the public transport station area. Most airports, however, also charge for access to these services. With this in mind, consider using a private hire vehicle from a transport company that offers airport car park usage. These companies have the benefit of waiting on the airport transport schedule and are not affected by any delays or cancellations that may occur due to the airport’s policy.

The second type of yearly usage of airport car park comes in the form of “off-site parking”. This parking is often provided by local councils and is often not as expensive as the open-site parking. Many airport parking operators offer shuttle services to and from the airport. These are often not a free service and can increase the amount you pay for your annual park pass. However, with many airports now offering free public transport tickets, it may not be worth the additional cost to utilise these services. These are often the last resort for travellers that are trying to access the airport from a different location.

Of course, the one-way option still remains to park at the airport car park for free. While this is still possible, most airport car parks will charge a fee for this service. Even then, the parking fee may not always be the lowest, especially if you choose an off-site parking provider. Again, most of the time, the charge will be for one day only.

If you are travelling with pets, it is advisable to check that the area around the terminal has sufficient space for your pet to move around in comfort. Some terminals do allow pets to stay in a doghouse or small kennel, but it is usually better to opt for cattery accommodation. Cattery accommodation is a caged facility where pets can stay for a longer period of time and is usually just large enough to house one cat or dog. If your pet will spend more time indoors than out, there are a variety of options available to ensure that your pet is well looked after. You can choose a cattery that offers multiple levels of accommodation, a large indoor/outdoor section, as well as fully air-conditioned indoor and outdoor rooms.

It is also important that customers are aware that the majority of airports have a parking fee. Most people will simply pay the park fees and enter the airport without giving any thought to how they will get their vehicle back once they have parked it at the park. The majority of airports realise that they need to increase revenue and therefore have installed a parking levy. These fees are meant to encourage people to use alternative means of transport, including using public transport. In addition, parking fees are also an ideal way of ensuring that there is minimal traffic on the roads surrounding the airport. It is important that airport authorities to take all measures necessary to ensure that the vast majority of travellers can easily access their vehicles from any parking place, and a cattery or grey matter is always preferable to a public parking space.