How to Find Cheap Airport Parking

The thought of heading on off on holiday will most likely fill your heart with glee – but the idea of booking airport parking probably fills your mind with dread. That’s because airport parking is notoriously expensive and busy.

Well, we’re here to make the whole process a doddle and to ensure your airport car parking won’t cost too much money, so the savings can be used towards your holiday spends. You know that sounds good!

Book in Advance

So many holidaymakers put off booking their airport parking until the last minute. Why? Because the process is pretty boring. However, by failing to plan ahead, you’ll only cost yourself more money. For example, a long stay car park at Heathrow Airport without an advanced booking could set you back a whopping £195.10 per week. If you book ahead the car parking fee could cost you as little as £82. While that might still be a lot of money, you have to admit it’s a whole lot cheaper than if you didn’t book in advance. You know it makes sense.

Hotel & Parking Deals

Believe it or not, it can sometimes be cheaper to book your airport car parking with a hotel stay. Many hotels often combine the price of their overnight accommodation with a long-stay car parking space for around £100. So, don’t shell out for a long-stay car parking space when there could be a bargain hotel deal just waiting for you to snap it up!

Search for Price Guarantees

Online agents, such as Holiday Extras sometimes offer price guarantees – meaning you can claim your money back if you find a cheaper airport car parking price. So, do a little digging to see if you can find a cheaper rate elsewhere.

Head to a Price Comparison Website

Don’t settle for the first airport parking price you come across. It pays to shop about a bit to see what deals you can find. One of the best ways to bag a bargain is t0 visit a price comparison website, such as, as they’ll do all the homework for you, with the aim of finding you the best deal. While you should still do a little digging yourself, it never hurts to see if a comparison website can find you a better deal.

Book Via the Airport

Many UK airports now allow you to booking a parking space directly through their website. As the airport offers a benchmark price, they could end up offering the most affordable option – because companies will only hike their prices up to ensure they make a nifty profit.

The key to bagging an affordable parking space is to simply do your research and keep your eyes peeled for bargains.

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