How to Receive a First Class Upgrade


We all dream of flying first class, don’t we? It would be nice to know how the other half live when flying abroad. Well, you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket to fly like a VIP – as we’re offering some top tips to help you grab a first class upgrade.

Arrive Early

The early bid catches the worm – or the first class upgrade, in your case. Sometimes passengers have to change seats between cabins for operational reasons, which the crew will know hours before your arrival; so if you’re the first in line, you have a higher chance of a first class upgrade.

Arrive Late

You’re probably a little confused, because we’ve just told you that you have a better chance of an upgrade if you arrive early – and you do, but you also have an improved chance of first class if you arrive late. That’s because the airline might be faced with overbooking, so would have no choice but to provide you with a seat in first class. A perk of being tidy.

Go Solo

An airline is more likely to provide a solo traveller with a first class upgrade than a group of friends or family. So, if you really want to experience the high life, it might be time to ditch the mates and head off on your lonesome.

Dress Like a First Class Traveller

There’s a certain standard when it comes to first class travel – and you’re more likely to be given a seat if you look like a VIP. Dress your best on a flight and you might just have the best seat on the plane.

Be Direct

If you want a first class upgrade, just ask for a first class upgrade. Just remember to say please and thank you, so you’re in remain in the good books at the check-in desk. All they can do is say no – and even if they don’t provide you with an upgrade, they might try to find you a better seat.

Celebrate a Special Occasion in the Sky

Celebrating a recent wedding, birthday or anniversary? Make the check-in desk aware of your landmark moment and they might just present you with a first class gift.