The Items You Cannot Take Aboard a Flight


There are certain security measures all travellers must adhere to when taking a flight from the UK. To ensure you’re prepared for your flight, here are the items you cannot take in your hand luggage.


Under no circumstance can you take liquids in containers larger than 100ml. These items cannot go through security even if they are half full.

If you do take liquids in your hand luggage, they must not exceed 100ml and containers must be stored in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre. You are also limited to 1 plastic bag per person and you must show the bag at the security point.

However, you can take liquids that exceed 100ml in your hand luggage if they are essential for medical purposes, are for special dietary requirements or contain baby food or baby milk. The items must be sealed inside a security bag, mentioned earlier, until you reach your destination. The bag must also contain a receipt, which must be visible at all times.


Travellers can only carry one lighter aboard a flight, which must be stored in a security bag before you reach the security point. You must also keep the lighter in your hold luggage or hand luggage after the security screening.

Musical Instruments

You cannot take a large musical instrument onto a flight without contacting the airline in advance. You will most likely be required to make special arrangements for the instrument, such as buying an additional seat.


This one probably goes without saying but you cannot take ammunition onto a flight. It is possible to take them as hold luggage, but you must check with your airline prior to travel.


You cannot take any chemicals or toxic substances either in your hand luggage or hold luggage. This includes vehicle batteries, self-defence sprays, biological hazards, fire extinguishers and car body repair kits, plus more.